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Every parent wants their child to flourish and succeed. As they begin school many mothers and fathers help their children to memorize and recite the alphabet and to learn the sounds that the letters make. These are the beginning memory skills that all children need.

An early method of introducing your child to memory exercises is the games that involve matching pictures or words. A game like this can be purchased very inexpensively and usually entails several small cards with simple pictures on them that children turn over after viewing, remembering where certain images are helps them score points. Even children as small as three or four-years-old can take part and this is a wonderful method of not only boosting their memory, but it gives parents a fantastic opportunity to interact with their child.

As children mature they begin to read. Reading involves not only sounding out the letters, joining them together into words, but many words are simply remembered. Children become familiar with the pattern of letters and the word becomes embedded in their minds. The same method occurs when children learn to count from one to ten. After reciting the numbers over and over again, their memory takes hold and they are able to count, first from one to five and then higher and higher.

Another great technique for both moms and dads to help their toddlers remember things is to incorporate memory building exercises into everyday activities. This could involve time spent walking outside or playing at the park. Pointing to items such as a tree, a flower or a dog and having the child repeat the word. This helps build up their memory and if it's repeated over and over again, before long the child will blurt out the word from memory when they spot the item.

Television is often a highly debated subject when it comes to its influence on children. However, there are some programs that if a toddler watches while in the company of a parent or care-giver can become fuel for the memory. These types of programs actually make great learning tools. If a child hears a song daily, eventually they will remember the words and chime in, singing along. Even young children can hold this type of information - the lyrics and the tune - in their memories. Depending on the type of programs that you choose for your child, they might boost his or her memory which helps to ready them for when they enter school. Stimulating the brain can start at any age.

Helping children work on the muscle of their memory doesn't stop when they learn to read and write. Often, older children struggle with tests or exams finding it hard to retain all the necessary information. There are steps that a parent can take to aid their older children in readying for examinations. A great method is to encourage the child to read over their notes out loud. Often when we hear information as opposed to just reading it, our memory absorbs it much quicker. Having your child read his or her notes to you and then using that information to quiz them on important points will work towards implanting the information in their memory.


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