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Exercise Your Way to a Better Memory

Exercise is fundamental in maintaining a healthy body. Activities that stimulate the body aid in many areas including keeping our muscles toned, and also in reducing weight. Another substantial benefit to regular physical exercise is that it appears that it aids in boosting the memory.

When we exercise our heart beats at a faster rate. When our hearts beat faster the blood within our bodies flows at a quicker pace. This translates into more blood moving through the brain. This equals improvement in certain brain functions including memory.
That means that by exercising we are improving our skills to remember many things. Often as we age in particular we become a bit forgetful and naturally associate that as a normal part of getting older. However, the same exercise that you do to improve how you feel, can also improve your ability to retain information. That's an incredible bonus.

The type of exercise doesn't appear to be as important as the duration. Getting your heart up to a certain pace and keeping it there for a specific time is essential. Therefore it's wise to choose an activity that you enjoy. Doing something pleasurable helps the time pass quickly and before you know it your memory will have the work-out it needs to stay on track.

Walking outdoors is an inexpensive way to exercise not only your body but your memory as well. A twenty or thirty minute walk several times a week will aid in boosting your memory. It would also be wise to engage in mental exercises as you are walking. Testing yourself on the names of the streets that you regularly pass, becomes a silent game of memory. Once you have the street names mastered you can shift your focus to other elements, perhaps house numbers or colors of the homes. This is a wonderful way to boost your memory in more ways than one all at the same time.

Another relaxing and gentle form of exercise is swimming. Many people enjoy daily swims throughout the entire year. Getting the blood flowing helps in memory function as well as toning the body. Most indoor swimming pools also offer swimming classes that involve aerobics. This is a great method of partaking in exercise. The instructor demonstrates several sequences of moves that the participants mimic. This also is a great memory game. The repetition of the exercises helps embed them in the memory. Soon the swimmer is recalling the moves straight from memory.

Going to a gym is also a great way to work the entire body. There are many pieces of equipment that can be used to increase heart rate and blood flow to the brain. There are also other ways to get a boost to your memory through physical activity that isn't traditionally thought of as exercise. One such method is dancing. By putting on some favorite music, moving the furniture and taking a spin around the floor, your memory is getting the exercise it craves. Movement is essential to memory!


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