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Soil Types

Bob Brownmud stood out on the bare dirt of his front yard, looked down, and scratched his head.  "I don't know, Scott," he said to his neighbour. "You tell me what kind of soil I have.  I wouldn't know good dirt from bad.  I guess I'm going to have to pay for soil testing.  Is it expensive?"
Scott Greenlawn smiled.  "It can be, but since this is an established neighbourhood, the soil has already been tested by the local agricultural agent.  I've got a copy of the report.  It'll make choosing grasses and fertilizers a lot easier."

The main reason why people grow a lawn is not to have grass that looks nice, although that has become an end in itself.  The real reason people strive to have healthy grass on their lawns is to prevent the erosion of their soil.  Erosion of soil is a major contributor to flooding.  Here are some photos that tell a tale about soil erosion from Dr. Ray Weil, a soil scientist from the University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA.

soil types