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Scott shook his head.  “It’s not.  We can borrow Mrs. Leverett’s five-horsepower rototiller.*  She might want you to cut her grass for her in return, or something, but you can do that, right?” “Um, yes…but this is starting to sound like a lot of back-breaking work!”

“I wouldn’t call it ‘back-breaking’ since I’ve been doing it and my back hasn't broke yet, but in the beginning, it does take a fair amount of physical work.  But let me ask you this—do you pay money to belong to a health club or gym?” Flexing his bicep, Bud answered, “I try to make it to the health club twice a week, yes.” “How much does it cost?” Bud told him. Smiling, Scott said, “Then that’s some money that you’re going to save.  Tell the club you’re quitting to join the Lawn Care Gym.  Putting in and keeping up a nice lawn is good exercise!” The corners of Bud’s mouth slowly turned up.  “Very well, I have to admit, this is sounding better and better: a yard like yours, an activity that brings my family together, and a good, hard workout for free. 

You’ve got me sold.  So what do we do after we pull out the weeds and till up my yard? Plant corn or something?” “We could, if you want a stand of six-foot-high (2-meter-high) corn for a yard.”  Scott chuckled. “Seriously, though, we need to start thinking about what kind of landscaping you’re going to want.” “Oh, no—landscaping—I don’t have that kind of money.”

Bud protested as he put up his hands. “No, no, no.  I’m not talking about having a commercial crew come out with their big trailer, fancy uniforms, loud leaf-blowers, and king-sized bill.  I’m talking do-it-yourself landscaping.” Bud gave Scott an appraising look. “You know about that stuff?” Gesturing towards his lush, well-cared-for lawn, Scott said, “The proof’s in the pudding.  My wife, Ann, and I planned this, and my sons and I put it in.” “Wow," Bud exhaled heavily.  “Landscaping.  It sounds overwhelming.  I don’t even know where to start.” In a helpful tone, Scott suggested, “Well, what kinds of things would you like to have in your yard? For instance, does Sheila like to cook?” “Oh, yeah, she’s got all these recipes she’s always trying.  Fresh herbs and all that.” Next...