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Great!  So you might want to have a little herb garden right outside the front door. That way, she can get the freshest herbs possible just by stepping outside her front door and picking a little basil, some cilantro, maybe a sprig of rosemary or thyme…whatever her recipe calls for.” “Yes—she’d love that,” Bud said enthusiastically.  “And you know another thing she’d like?  She’s said how she likes seeing all those flowers you have in your yard.  Could we do a flowerbed, too?” “We certainly could.”

A frown stole onto Bud’s face.  “But…wait a minute…all of this is going to drive up my water bill, isn’t it?  And I’ll have to stand outside holding a hose, or keep running out to turn a sprinkler off and on, won’t I? “It might,” Scott admitted.  “But if the Neighbourhood Association comes after you”—he indicated the balled-up notice Bud had set on the workbench—“it’s going to cost a lot more to hire a lawyer, don’t you think?”

Bud swallowed.  “Yes.” “And besides; as long as we have to till up your yard, we might as well put in a sprinkler system to irrigate and water it.  We can do that ourselves with some PVC pipe and a timer.  Then you won’t have to waste time with hoses or sprinkers.” “All right,” Bud agreed.  “You’ve convinced me.  But once we do this, how do I keep the weeds and the bugs out?”
“Slow down—let's take this one step at a time.  The first thing we have to do is figure out what kind of grass you want.  Then we’ll measure your yard and make a scaled-down sketch—nothing too fancy, just a working map of what goes where. 

This isn’t rocket science, but we do need a plan. Then we’ll pull up the weeds, till your yard, maybe get your soil tested to see if it’s been treated with anything harmful, fertilize it if we need to, till it up again to mix in the fertilizer, dig some trenches, lay in the sprinkler system, outline the flower and herb beds, sod* or seed the lawn, plant the beds, and mulch them.” 

He stopped to catch his breath. Bud’s eyes opened wider.  “That’s a lot of work.” “It is, so you might as well go cancel that gym membership right now,” Scott said with a laugh. “All right, I will,” Bud agreed.  He stood up to leave, then turned back to face Scott.  “Say, I know I haven’t always been the best neighbour or anything even close to it.  So…I really appreciate your help.” “It's all right," Scott replied.  "So when do you want to get started on planning your new yard?” Next...